Holiday Gifts For Elderly Parents

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gifts for elderly parentsAs our parents age, there may be some noticeable changes in their mental and physical state. For some, it may feel like an inevitable problem.

However, thinking of holiday gifts for your loved ones may help ease your mind. In light of the holiday season, we’ve rounded up some gifts you can consider for elderly parents.

The holidays bring joy, festivities, and love. This is the perfect time to spread the holiday cheer with our loved ones and keep their spirits high, even in the winter bluesy months.

Some of the gift suggestions on our list are designed to help improve the physical health, mental health, and independence of your loved ones. And of course, keep Christmas memorable.

Check Out This List Of Holiday Gifts For Elderly Parents


password fastIn today’s society, you need to have a password for everything. Banks, emails, utility bills, it can be hard to keep up! Who doesn’t have a hard time remembering all those passwords?! PasswordFast is a small device, small enough to fit inside your wallet.

By design, it doesn’t connect to the Internet so it can’t be externally hacked! It stores up to 125 passwords. The user needs to remember just one master password to unlock what’s stored.

This is the perfect device elderly parents can carry with them and won’t need to feel flustered or forgetful when they are in need of a password to an account they have.


Puzzles are proved to have a significant increase in blood flow to the brain as well as improve your overall mental health.

Crossword puzzles or word finds are a great gift for elderly parents. Games like sudoku can also help keep their mind sharp and improve the information their brain can store.

If your loved one suffers from a memory loss disease, this isn’t a form of treatment that will reverse the diagnosis. However, puzzles can have many benefits for improving vocabulary, speech, and enhance their mental capabilities in a fun way.

A Grandparent Journal

grand parent journal
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This is a unique gift to get the whole family involved. A grandparent journal is a fun way to bring generations together. The book contains prompted sections about your grandparents’ life. Everything from childhood, adulthood, and becoming a grandparent.

This is a great way for your loved ones to recall fond memories throughout their life! What a wonderful keepsake gift.


Taking a memory journal one step further, bundle is a personalized board game that helps recall family memories, jokes, and traditions. This is the perfect game to create just for mom and dad and perfect for the holidays when family is all together.  


The most misplaced household items are keys, wallets, phones, and remotes. Help your loved one never have to go searching again. If mom and dad are high tech, TileMate allows you to attach tiles to these objects and is detected within a 100-foot radius. You can even install the app on your phone to help you find it.  


Elderly people tend to feel cooler. In the winter months, it’s important they are comfortable and are keeping warm. The Therapedic Unisex Classic Outlast Technology Slippers aren’t just any slippers.

They are specially designed with a supportive 3D memory foam footbed to help keep mom and dad’s feet stable inside as well as sturdy and dependable grips on the bottom. Perfect to keep the feet warm but don’t have to worry about slipping on floors. A must have this holiday season.

Bathtub Grips

For seniors getting in and out of the shower, this can be difficult but also dangerous. Providing them with a bathtub grip will ensure a little safety.

There are many kinds of grips you can buy, but one of our favorites is a bar that grips into the side of the tub with a clamp. This really secures the bar in place and allows strong support for mom or dad getting out of the tub.

Induction Cooktop

When a loved one faces memory loss, it can sometimes be simple things that end up being the most challenging. Leaving elderly loved ones living by themselves means they’ll have to provide food for themselves. Cooking can easily turn disastrous.

The stove top can actually be one of the most dangerous things in the house. Elderly people can easily forget to turn off the stovetop, leaving pots and pans reaching very high temperatures. If food spills onto a hot surface area a fire can easily start, not to mention the dangers of an open flame.

An induction cooktop allows for seniors to still cook their own food but with safety features in place. With induction cooking, only the pan or pot gets hot which would eliminate some potential accidents.

Smart Shopper

A really helpful gift for seniors is helping to organize their groceries and errands. If items aren’t written down on a list, they might forget to pick it up at the store. Maintaining a healthy diet is important.

A smart shopper is a device that records your groceries, separates them into categories and then prints out a list. This is a super easy and great way to make sure mom and dad have a list of what they need to get from the store and not worry they are wandering the aisles.

Light Therapy Lamp

light therapy for elderly parents
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In the winter months, it’s tough for most people to get enough sunlight. The days are shorter and it’s not as easy to grab a few rays of sunshine in the cold.

For loved ones who might be bedridden, ill, or just confined to the house, a sun therapy lamp could be just the trick!

The lamps mimic the brightness of the sun which affects the body’s production of vitamin D and helps stimulate a happier and healthier mood. This is a great Christmas gift and a wonderful way to brighten someone’s spirits.

Simple Gifts Elderly Parents Love

Recordable Book

If you have a child who can read, a recordable book is a great way for grandparents to get read a story and hear their grandchildren’s voice.

Personalized Calendars

Many photo sites make custom calendars where you can add a personal photo to each month. A fun gift for mom and dad to have all year round seeing updated photos of the family. Take it a step further and write in important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and planned visits.

Household Items

simple gifts for elderly parentsThere are simple things elderly parents need around the house that might not seem like the perfectly wrapped gift but will ultimately be a big help. Here are a few ideas:

  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Hire someone to clean the house or do yard work
  • Have groceries or dinner delivered
  • Take them out to lunch
  • Gift cards to their favorite shopping malls, salons, or bookstores

Original Holiday Gifts For Elderly Parents

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Although elderly parents often don’t want much for Christmas or think they need anything, these gift ideas are sure to put a smile on their face and help you ease your mind about your aging parent.

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