Choosing an Assisted Living Community: Part 6

This article is part of our series on Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Future Needs

While looking for a community, think about the future needs of you or your loved one. For example, if they have a degenerative disease such as dementia, does the community have the capacity to manage such a disease as it becomes progressively worse? It is much better to move your loved one as few times as possible, so ask about the types of care that can be provided to meet your loved ones’ specific condition

Resident Agreement

Once you have decided which community will become the new home for you or your loved one, the next step is to review the resident agreement and ask questions. Read through the lease fully and understand what is being promised in the agreement.

Questions to ask can be:

  • Does the community provide you with a copy of the lease for review before the lease signing?
  • Do the residents sign an annual lease?

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