Choosing an Assisted Living Community: Part 3

This article is part of our series on Choosing an Assisted Living Community 

Health and Wellness Services

Appropriate exercise, nutrition, and preventative health go a long way toward keeping us and our loved ones illness and injury-free. Anthony Ruggeri, Director of Senior Living Partnerships, states, “Over 40 percent of older adults choose their community based on the wellness programming that is offered.”

The health and wellbeing of you or a loved one is the top priority when seeking a long term community. Making sure the health and wellness programs are available including assistance with showering, dressing, escorts, and medication management.

Questions to ask can be:

  • What services or programs are in place to emphasize the importance of health and wellness?
  • Are healthcare services provided by an outside agency or in-house staff?
  • If services are provided by outside agencies, how are questions and concerns handled? How do they provide for consistency of staffing and care?
  • Are nursing aides on-site 24 hours a day?
  • Are “I’m OK” checks available?
  • How is this service charged?
  • Does the community have weekly wellness clinics?
  • Is there a geriatric physician on-site?

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