Celebrating The Holidays: Bringing Cheer To Assisted Living


The holidays are a special time of year. It brings out joy in people and it’s easily spread to others. It’s a fun, festive, and giving time of year. Some seniors who live in an assisted living community, don’t always have family nearby. To keep the holiday spirit alive for those who might need it the most, here are some ways to bring holiday cheer to assisted living.



The holidays although a very happy time of year, can also be a bit lonely for others. Volunteering your time to spend with those who might need the extra cheer can really go a long way. Isolation and loneliness have been associated with increased mortality in seniors, an increased risk of higher blood pressure and long-term illnesses.

Check with assisted living communities around your town and inquire about volunteering. Some seniors don’t have family who are able to regularly visit. Some live out of state, and weather conditions may play a factor. Interacting with others helps to stimulate seniors and help them to feel purposeful. Activities like board games, reading aloud, or just one on one conversation can go a long way.

Holiday Shows


During the holiday season, some schools and organizations will put on holiday plays or concerts. This could be a great festive activity to bring into an assisted living community. Seniors often enjoy watching school children perform, it brings back memories and allows them to embrace their inner child again.

Carolers often come around during the holidays. Staff members of assisted living communities can create a joyful environment themselves! Get a group together and go around caroling within the community. Ask seniors who are able if they’d like to join in. Not only is this a fun activity but it doesn’t take much effort. It’s a fun way to engage members of the community and get a nice walk around the living space all while singing.

A Christmas Feast For All


Although not all seniors may want to participate in activities, it’s still nice to have the option to join in. The days can seem long in the winter and over time, some might warm up to the idea of celebrating. A Christmas feast can be a fun way to involve seniors in preparing for a celebration in a way they aren’t able to do on their own anymore. Staff members of assisted living communities can give seniors simple tasks to do like setting the table, decorating cookies, mixing bowls. Making seniors feel useful and productive is a great way to brighten spirits.

Giving Back


Seniors are usually in assisted living communities because they need extra care. They need help doing things, that if done alone, could be harmful to their health. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to contribute to society.

Giving back to their own community is a great way for seniors to have something of their own to focus on. Some communities might offer group activities like knitting. Seniors can come together to knit hats for the homeless. A project like this can spark so much joy, a reason to gather with others, socializing, a meaningful job, and the feeling of helping others.

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