Summer Activities For Seniors

summer activities

The summer months often bring lots of joy after a long and cold winter. For most, that means getting outdoors, and being active. For seniors, however, the heat can sometimes be a more uncomfortable time of the year. 

Whether you’re happily aging, or a friend or family member of a senior, don’t let the heat discourage you from staying active. Here are some fun summer activities that encourage all different kinds of mobility. 

Going For A Walk


As simple as it sounds, being outside in nature for a walk is an excellent way to keep the body and mind sharp. After the long winter months, most of us are in need of some Vitamin D. Seniors are at higher risk for bone density loss due to Vitamin D deficiency.

Going for a walk or light jog can really help increase your mobility, set off healthy endorphins, and keep the positive mood.

A Day At The Beach 


Seniors might not think that the beach is a good place for them to relax, particularly if they are sensitive to the heat. If so, try visiting the beach in the early morning or evening hours to avoid the heat. Yet, being by the ocean actually has many proven health benefits. 

Soaking up some sun is thought to increase levels of the chemical serotonin, which contributes to wellbeing and positive mood. So a day in the sun at the beach can improve your mental health and make you feel happier.

Additionally, the sand and salt water are natural minerals beneficial for your skin. Simply sitting with your toes in the water can help exfoliate and improve your overall skin condition. 

Be sure to pack along your sunscreen! Regardless of the time of day, it’s important to keep your skin protected. 

Aquatic Exercises

swimming pool

Do you have access to an indoor or outdoor pool? Aquatic exercises can be highly beneficial for seniors and be a lot of fun (and functional)! Water exercise helps seniors build muscles, increase their strength, and maintain their overall wellbeing. 

Without putting too much pressure to the joints or worrying about their balance, seniors can participate in water activities with ease and comfort. 

Most gyms or senior centers have indoor pool access that offers aquatic classes. Additionally, friends or family members should reach out and include seniors if making plans to be at a local or family pool. 

Create A Garden


Gardening is a refreshing summer activity for seniors. It gives them something to tend to and care for. Picking out plants and vegetables to plant is an exciting part of the experience. 

It can be a lot of work and might be too taxing for some to be in the garden all day long. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t still participate. 

Planting flowers, plants, and vegetables in pots is very manageable. It still requires care, watering, and tending too, just like regular gardening. Taking care of potted plants won’t be burdensome as seniors can sit and reach the plants on their own without much trouble. 

Furthermore, for seniors who are starting to show some memory loss signs, watering plants everyday is a repeatable activity that can easily be worked into their routine. 

A Day Out In Town

farmers market

Summer is usually a time for carnivals, fairs, craft shows, and farmers market. Most towns offer a calendar of events happening throughout the summer. It’s a good idea for seniors to keep a schedule on their fridge so they can easily check the dates of upcoming events.

Family members should also keep the same schedule so they can remind their loved ones of things to do, or offer to go with them!

Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie

Some local parks and libraries offer an outdoor movie night. This is an exciting activity. These days, movies are not usually played outdoors, and long gone are the days of drive through movies theaters. Outdoor movie watching is fun way for seniors to retreat from the same routine for a special outing!

Farm To Table – Go Berry Picking!

berry picking

Different berries are available throughout the summer at most local farms. Spending a day to pick fresh, local berries is a refreshing outdoor activity. The whole family can do together as a family gathering. 

Don’t let the fun stop at the farm, bring the berries home and bake a pie! Baking is like a science and keeps the brain focused! A farm to table day. 

Is Your Loved One In a Senior Living Community?

assisted living

Seniors living at senior living communities should not miss out on the activities mentioned above. Be sure to reach out to your loved one and take them on one of these fun and easy activities. 

Most senior living communities have summer activities lined up as well! Encourage your loved one to check the schedule and participate in the activities they feel comfortable attending. Keeping active is integral to their physical and mental health. 

Need Help Finding a Senior Living Community?

The process of finding a senior living community can be difficult. If you need some help finding the right place for your senior loved one, we are here for you. We know how important it is to make sure your family feels happy, healthy, and safe. Browse a list of communities here. If you need specific help, reach out to us today. 


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